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We are CARF Accredited and

CABHA Accredited in Child and Adolescent Services.



It is the mission of Gaston Adolescent Center, Inc. to provide outstanding behavioral healthcare in a professional and positive environment that promotes the best outcome of “Making Today’s Dreams Tomorrows Reality”


   Current Events / Effective Communication

This class is designed to assist students in increasing their knowledge as it relates to current events and learning effective forms of communication.  Learning to communicate effectively will consequently build self-confidence and esteem as they become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group.

Course Descriptions

   Anger Management

Will educate students on how to use anger in a positive light.  Anger Management provides students techniques in using anger as a way to communicate ones feelings appropriately  which in turns provides coping skills for each student and decrease aggression.

   Social Skills

Social Skills are the tools that enable people to communicate, learn and ask questions.  Learning the appropriate social skills allows students the opportunity to develop healthy relationships.  Most importantly, social skills help young people to develop the essential character traits of responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, respect and citizenship.

   After School Therapeutic Program

Focuses on behavior modification to allow students to attain self management skills that will keep them performing satisfactorily within the school setting.  Also focuses on assisting students with their assigned homework tasks.

    Computer Lab

This course will educate students on basic computer skills.  Students will have an opportunity to learn essential software

programs and develop Internet research skills.  The Workforce Development component exposes students to training that directly correlates to the tasks, expectations, and responsibilities of seeking and maintaining employment.